Services and Rates

Our Coaching Services and Rates

We know that our clients can live busy lives which is why we try to be as flexible as possible.

Therefore, we have 3 different type of coaching sessions that you can choose from:

Standard Session – this is usually 60 – 90 minutes in length and can be held at one of our coaching locations or sometimes at a location of your choice.

Breakthrough session – this is usually approximately 4 hours long and enables clients to spend a concentrated amount of time on a particular issue. This is also useful for clients who find that they are unable to attend a number of individual sessions due to time restrictions or travel requirements.

Skype sessions – this is usually for 60 minutes and is suitable for some clients who find travel difficult or who have attended a face to face session and are happy to continue on Skype.

Session Rates

Session rates vary dependant upon whether you are embarking on a coaching programme or individual sessions and also dependant upon your location. A standard session may also be an hour or 90 minutes, dependant on the issue you want to work on.

For an estimate of the session rate please see below:

Standard Session: £90 – £145

Breakthrough Session: £350 – £475

Skype Session: £75- £100


Please note that travel costs may be payable if you require Andy or Jo to travel to a location of your choice.

We are also pleased to offer you package offers for multiple sessions. This can provide you with significant savings so please discuss these with us.

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