Weight loss and weight management

Weight loss and weight management

Through a unique combination of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Clean Language coaching, Hypnotherapy and WRAP (Wellness & Recovery Action Planning) we provide a weight loss and weight management coaching programme that really works.

You may have tried dieting plenty of times without much success, maybe in the past you may have experienced your weight fluctuating up and down with no permanent satisfying results, jumping from this diet and that diet, perhaps feeling disheartened every day?

If you have spent your life yo-yo dieting and now want a solution that lasts and has a major positive impact on your health, we know we can help and open a path to successfully making lasting change.

Did you know that you have previous experiences, beliefs and hidden motivations for your eating behaviours and these effect how you perceive food and yourself. So is it no wonder that you can easily sabotage and dominate your good intentions, creating a cycle of constant focus upon food, yo-yo dieting, disappointment and self-criticism?

Through a relaxing, enjoyable and informal coaching process we utilise the power of both the conscious and unconscious mind and speed through the process of change by helping you to understand and change your negative beliefs and habits. Soon your relationship with food and exercise will change and your unconscious mind will readily accept new information and new patterns of belief and behaviour, thus allowing lasting change.


So if you recognise any of the following please contact us to help you become a healthy weight leaving you free to live your life to the full and look and feel like the person you want to be

Comfort eating

Yo-yo dieting

A negative body image

Feeling frustrated and powerless over your inability to lose weight

Have tried diet after diet with no long term effect

Binge eating

Self-criticism in relation to your health or weight

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