Stop smoking

Stop Smoking in one single visit!

You wouldn’t let anyone or anything else control you…. so why let cigarettes have a hold over your life?

You may have completely forgotten why it is you feel the need to smoke, simply lighting up out of nothing more than habit…. and that’s without checking the hole in your bank account!

Ok, so now think about how you will feel when you realise you are a non-smoker, when the people around you realise you have stopped buying cigarettes and no longer smell of smoke all the time…

Now think about how YOU will feel when you realise you are no longer dependant on cigarettes, how will it feel when you suddenly realise that you have achieved what you thought was impossible… and better still, you did this without cravings, irritation or weight gain!

Using a unique combination of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Wellness and Recovery Action Planning (WRAP), our confidence in helping you to stop smoking is reflected in our 12 months guarantee. Evidence shows us that the vast majority of smokers who stop smoking for more than one year, will never smoke again. Therefore included within the cost of a stop smoking breakthrough session, we provide a 12 month guarantee during which, in the unlikely event that you start smoking again, we will provide a further coaching session on a free of charge basis.

Ok, so why so easy? Well actually, there is only one thing needed to make this lasting change! You just have to genuinely want to stop smoking!

It must be your decision to stop, and you should be doing it for yourself (not for anyone else) otherwise it simply will not work.

Once you have decided to stop smoking, that’s where hypnotherapy, NLP and WRAP help enormously in overcoming the habit.

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