Health and Weight Management Group Essex

Health and Weight Management Group Essex

Hi, I’m Jo Wilson and I am one of Beyond’s Directors and principal coaches and I am very pleased to launch this unique approach to health and weight management in Essex, close to Chelmsford.

Through a fun and supportive group environment you will be able to finally banish those inner demons that have previously kept you on the end of the dieting yo-yo string or locked those trainers away with the cobwebs in your wardrobe.

We all know that facts about weight and healthy lifestyles don’t we?

We all know what we SHOULD do right?

So what stops us?

I am really excited to launch my  new Health and Weight Management Group in Essex which is an amazing opportunity to:

Really understand what drives you when it comes to food or exercise

Set the goals that you want to, not what other people say you should

Be in a supportive environment where you are given real tools to make a difference rather than just sympathy or generic advice

Understand your relationship with food and exercise and learn new empowering behaviours that you can sustain

Recognise your trigger points and learn how to manage them

Rid yourself of those limiting beliefs that stop you achieving what you want

Work out your own unique plan for your weight and health

Learn to love who you are and what you have and can achieve

Have a lot of fun doing all of the above!


Yes of course fun!

This will be a voyage of personal discovery that you get to share in a supportive group where the ability to laugh is a prerequisite!

Oh yes and another thing that makes this group unique is that I am joining you fully on this journey. Yes, I am the first to admit that I have struggled with my weight over the years. So how can someone who needs to work on her own weight and health issues run the group?

Because I really understand.

I know how difficult it is to not see the person you want to see look back at you in the mirror, to feel your body struggle and your muscles groan.

I also know that my own experience and the new tools and techniques I am able to share with you through my NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Clean Language and WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) training means that we can  make a difference to each and everyone of us.

I am looking for a group of women and men who really want to make a change and are willing to join a fun, invigorating and effective community to learn powerful tools that support everyone in achieving their goals and celebrating those achievements.

If you think you can be one of those people please drop me an email to or call me on 07717378018



Venue: Nature’s Medicine Clinic and Retreat, Purleigh, Essex

Start Date – Tuesday 5th May

Time –  7.30pm – 10pm

Frequency of meetings – Fortnightly

Cost – £10 per session payable in blocks of four

How to register – email

We are really pleased to be running this event in conjunction with Nature’s Medicine Clinic and Retreat. For more details about the fantastic services they offer including osteopathy, beauty and fitness click here