Stepping out of your comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Your comfort zone is a behavioural space where your activities and behaviours fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk. It provides a state of mental security.

The idea of the comfort zone goes back to a classic experiment in psychology where psychologists Robert M. Yerkes and John D. Dodson explained that a state of relative comfort created a steady level of performance. However, in order to maximize performance, we need a state where our stress levels are slightly higher than normal. This space is called “Optimal Anxiety,” and it’s just outside our comfort zone. Once you start stepping out of your comfort zone, it gets easier and you’ll become accustomed to that state of optimal anxiety and even start to enjoy and relish it as it moves to excitement.

You can’t live outside of your comfort zone all the time though. You need to come back from time to time to process your experiences so you can learn from them and appreciate them. Sometimes it is just about knowing the right time to step out and when to step in!

Working with us you will find that:

You’ll be more productive

You’ll find change easier

You will find the motivation to move forward

You’ll appreciate what you have as well as what you want

You will find it easier to harness your creativity

Your horizons will widen

You can have the social life you want

Relationships can improve as your interests expand

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