Dealing with the past

Dealing with the past

Often we can find that things from our past have a habit of not letting us go.

We may feel that we have dealt with them or maybe buried them, yet they keep appearing in our behaviours or emotions.

The thing is that who you currently are is an accumulation of all the experiences you have had in your life. Now that’s great if all of those past experiences are good ones, but more negative past experiences also come into play in the formation of our beliefs, values and sometimes identity.

Dealing with the past

Beliefs that hold us back

Most beliefs originate from childhood and are based on a perception of events at the time they were formed.  Generalisations can be internally made on single traumatic experiences or through trial and error and these form our beliefs.  We tend to accept those beliefs that bring pleasure, provide safety or avoid pain.  Children respect those who play significant roles in their lives – parents, teachers, religious leaders, older siblings – taking on their beliefs and behaviours and accepting what they are told about themselves or others – “you are incompetent” or “you can achieve whatever you choose”.

Inappropriate or unhelpful emotions and limiting beliefs about ourselves or our situation can often occur even if you have a happy and supportive childhood, as a minor instance or comment from a person significant in our lives can be built upon and taken as a truth.

If you recognise this in yourself, you are not alone and we would be honoured to work with you so that you are finally able to just let go and move forward to be the confident and empowered person you want to be.

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